Introducing Integral Energy Performance

January 31, 2024

We are pleased to announce our new company identity: Integral Energy Performance.

It’s important to us that our name reflects our values, vision, and strengths. We’ve been involved in great projects as ESBES, working with leaders in building design and construction across Canada, and striving to integrate energy and carbon performance into the building design process for all projects. We’re honoured to be a part of such a strong industry, taking real action to reduce carbon emissions in buildings.

Hayssam founded EcoSmart Building Energy Solutions (ESBES) in 2017, with a goal of using energy modelling to assess and improve the energy performance of new building designs in Nova Scotia. Since then, the company has conducted energy modelling for over 300 projects across Canada, in both new construction and retrofit projects, ranging from code compliance to zero carbon design. Our work in the multi-unit residential sector has supported the construction of thousands of energy-efficient housing units, and has led to large-scale improvements in energy performance for multi-unit buildings. 

Those who work with us will know: we are here to optimize. We say it a lot. It’s beyond just improving, it’s seeing a project as a whole, understanding the goals and needs, and collaborating to find the energy strategies that best fit each project.

This has been the vision from the start – and back in 2019, Hayssam was presented with the Bright Business Leadership Award for his work on design energy optimization. Our message has not changed, but with new technologies and new approaches, our toolkit is constantly expanding. We are optimistic for the future of the built environment, and we look forward to supporting more projects on the path to a low-carbon future.

Let’s build a better world.